Susan's Journey with Jennifer, Motherhood and with God

August 27,2004

When I found out I was pregnant for a second time I was terrified.  I did not know how I
could love another child the way I loved Joshua.  In my small simple mind I could not
comprehend how that could be possible.  On October 10, 1995 I found out how it was
possible.  I knew I was having a girl and that her name was going to be Jennifer Danielle.  
When she came into the world so perfect and so pretty I knew that there was plenty of
room for her in my heart.  Although I did not think it was possible to love another child
the way I loved Joshua, when I held her in my arms there was no question she won my
heart in an instant.  I remember holding her and thinking that I could not wait for her to
meet her big brother.  Everything about her was perfect; she had jet black hair, brown
eyes and the sweetest doll face I had ever seen.
When Joshua met her he instantly fell in love with her as well.  He climbed up in my
hospital bed with me and held her and kissed her face.  

Jennifer was such a wonderful baby.  She slept through the night almost immediately and
was a very content baby.  She would lie on her back and just look around and keep
herself entertained for hours.  As she grew she loved her big brother and enjoyed being
taught by him.  She began to speak at an early age because her brother patiently taught
her all he knew.  She was a great sister to her brother and the two of them were

Jennifer was a confident child and excelled in all that she did.  She loved going to school
and made friends easily.  Her teachers loved her and use to tell me how she was so
helpful in the classroom and loved to clean up the classroom.  I can honestly say that she
was not that way at home. It was a battle to get her to clean her room.  Her kindergarten
teacher described Jennifer as being “quietly confident”.  She knew she was smart and was
confident in whom she was but she was never boastful about it.  Instead she would help
her friends that struggled with school work or anything else for that matter. She loved
everyone and in return everyone loved her.
She had her papaw wrapped around her finger too and boy did she know it.  I don’t
think dad ever saw it coming, she had him hook line and sinker.  

Jennifer was totally honest and truly funny.  She would say whatever came to her mind
and thought you needed to listen if she had something to say.  I knew everything about her
day at school from the time she got there in the morning to the time I picked her up
because she gave me a play by play that started the minute she got in the car. She even
told me when she got in trouble.  

Jennifer taught me how to love unconditionally, the importance of being a good friend, and
how to be quietly confident.  She was everything I wish I could have been as a young
girl.  Her innocence and love of life were contagious.  Her smile lit up a room and her
presence was entertaining.  

Jennifer until I see you again in Heaven always remember that I love you to the moon and
back and I will never ever stop!
A Mother's Words:
Susan's Message to
and about Jennifer