The Turn of Event

Details posted regarding Dad's health up to and during his illness.

Dad passed on to eternal life in the company of family on June 4th, 2003 of complications due to pneumonia and
cancer after a long and love-filled life.

Our family has gathered, mourned and celebrated the live of Clovis, and remain committed to living out his legacy as
a family that loves one another. In particular, we welcome prayers for our family in Texas and the tragedy of last
December that took Donald Badeau, Joshua Perez and Jennifer Perez home to God. There is a link to the article
describing the accident below and you an also send your prayers on to them

Reverse Medical Chronology of Clovis Marcotte

Special thanks to the community and friends who gathered to support Lillian and here brood of children, grand-
children and great-grandchildren. Viewing and funeral mass services and a grave-side service were met with a
cleansing rain through out the day, which did not deter the crowds from gathering at 105 Summer Street for one last
Clovis send off.

6-5-03 In Memorial
Family members report that dad died with family and prayers surrounding him. His pain was being managed and
Mom had a chance to tell him she would be OK and that he could go if he needed to. His death was peaceful, after
the family had prayed the rosary and dad had the anointing of the sick. His passing was also accompanied by the
birth of a great grandson, Levi TBA Picard.

Clovis made his final journey in the early hours of November 4, 2003 while surrounded by family. Mom was able to
wish him well and say a final, "I love you" before he passed. The family welcomes your prayers and intentions as we
morn the passing of Dad, Pepere and friend.

6-3-04 PM
With some irony I sit and write this from a computer in California while the events of illness and pending death
happen 3,000 miles away. Ironic as Clovis has said he is ready. His body seems to be catching up with his faith. The
doctor’s have stated that there is nothing that can be done to “revive” Dad, so at this point the family has asked that
he be kept comfortable. He is currently suffering from renal failure and is on a constant morphine drip. Most of the
family is gathered at his hospital side and is keeping vigil during what seems to be his final moments. He is being
kept comfortable and is barely responsive to visitors; though we are all sure he is glad we are rallying in support. He
has been given the Anointing of the Sick and the family prayed the rosary—Dad’s favorite prayer—together in his
hospital room.

6-3-03 Death, is seems is imminent. The doctors are not given dad much chance of revival. Family members are
keeping constant vigil at Millford-Whitensville hospital where Clovis is in ICU. A bout of pneumonia landed him in
critical care on Monday after a long, tough weekend. Dad is not responding to visitors and the Doctors have explained
that because of his weak heart, his treatment options are limited. We have decided as a family that we should honor
dad’s wishes. Often he has said, “I don’t want to be hooked up to machines, I don’t want to be a burden and I do not
want to suffer unnecessarily.” We have instructed the doctors to care for him if it can help bring him back to some
quality of life, but to let this run its natural course. Dad has begun, it seems, his last and final journey towards his
search for one God. Bon Voyage, Pepere!

6-2-03 A rough weekend according to 105 Summer Street. Dad sleeps a lot of the time and is very, very weak. On
Friday he got up early in the AM and fell in the bathroom. He spent a good amount of time on the floor until Mom
was able to help him up. This morning Paulette found dad in bed struggling to breath and in a mess of urine and
poop. She helped clean him up and called 911. No details yet on his condition.

6-2 PM- Dad is in Milford Whitensville Hospital in ICU. Apparently he has pneumonia and is not well. The doctors are
not sure they can do anything significantly to revive him and he has limited treatment options. According to his will,
he does not want extensive means taken, so the family has directed the staff to treat when benefits are clear, but to
mainly make him comfortable and let this run its natural course.

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Medical Chronology- From the Beginning

11-02-02 Dad & Mom returned from Florida to have dad’s energy depreciate considerably.
He was hospitalized for observations and tests schedule to look at the growth on his neck.
11-14-02 Primary Care Physician confirmed Hodgkin's Lymphoma
11-18 Met with Primary Care to deal with symptoms
(Itchy Skin, swelling of lymph nodes, sinus drip)
11-19 3 PM Appointment with Cancer specialist
11-19 Family update conference call 7 PM Eastern
11-20 Scheduling CT Scans, Bone Marrow evaluation & a stress test (Imagine Dad on a treadmill saying "Son of a
BITCH" in French)
11-22 Randy & Paulette will speak with Dad's cancer treatment doctor, Dr. Abdner to review prognosis and pending
care options.
11-22 CT Scan/MMR results: Dad does have cancer below the Pancreas, or in 2 regions of the lymphatic system.
Chemotherapy will begin immediately.

11-24-02 In speaking with Dr. Abdner, Dad has Stage 3 Hodgkins. Regardless of prognosis, the doctor stated that
treatment for this type of lymphoma is always recommended. There are other factors, which include dad's age, his
anemia (which we don't know the root cause of yet), and a spec of asbestos in dad's lungs. There will be a scheduled
biopsy of the lymph nodes in Dad's groin area. He also has an enlarged spleen, which the Dr. is still investigating.

11-25-02 Bone Marrow biopsies went well and there is no Cancer in the marrow. That's good news. No biopsy in the
groin node needed. Spleen and other things are related to Hodgkin's. Chemo will be the course of treatment and
decided on Friday, and the Oncology department will set this with Anita.

11-29-02 Anita worked out a treatment plan with Oncology during her visit to Blackstone from Texas. Susan arrived
from Texas that evening.

11-30-02 Tragedy- Car-train collision in Plantersville killing Donald Sr., Joshua and Jennifer.

12-1-02 Family prayer service for Donald Sr., Joshua and Jennifer after the tragic accident in Texas. Clovis leads the
family in prayer and the rosary was lead by Leo Martinelli.

12-3-02 Chemotherapy begins. First treatment went well
Dad will be taking Prednisone, Chiorambucil and Procarbazine, all of which you can find on the Internet. He'll take
these for 14-day cycles.

12-4-02 Dad had a good day (Tuesday) with the doctors and Chemotherapy. Ray, Ronnie and Darlene did a great job
coordinating multiple visits to the doctors and Dad is expected to have little to minimal sickness. The Oncology Nurse
(who apparently was VERY nice and explained things to Dad) gave the family a helpful chart to track his treatment

12-4-02 Infusion of blood- to help his energy and recovery.
12-4 Lillian, Jeanne, Ronnie and Steven fly to TX.

12- 5-02 Updated LIVE from Texas at Anita's home. We've spent a nice weekend with Susan, Donald and Anita and
the wonderful, generous and loving people of Plantersville, College Station and Central Baptist Church. We've called
Dad, Ray, Sandra & Darlene throughout the weekend and have some good news. The transfusion has helped. Dad is
able to walk without having dizzy spells (although we all still know he is crazy) and he has a renewed spirit. He has
asked that we send our prayers to Susan, Anita and Donald and that he is doing well.

12- 6-02 Dad helped himself to a bowl of ice-cream in the middle of the night, and now that he is feeling better, he's
going to get fat again.

12- 8-02 Back in Blackstone & MA. Paulette's kids set up a Christmas tree to welcome them home. Randy will set up
pictures from the events in Texas for all to view.

12-9-02- Ray's birthday. Please join us for a "Thank you Ray, Happy Birthday" conference call at 877-213-9444 at 1
PM Eastern.

12-10-02 Shot #2 for Chemotherapy- This went well and no surprises

12-14-02- Dad seems to responding well to the treatment. He attended the memorial mass at St. Theresa’s for
Donald, Joshua and Jennifer, saying, “I’m not going to miss that.”

12-17-02 is the last day of Dad's first round of Chemotherapy. He was able to attend Mass this weekend and also
attended the memorial services at St. Theresa's. Randy recently called to talk to them and when mom was
transferring the phone to dad, they got disconnected. He called back and dad didn't realize that Randy was back on
the phone and Randy overheard the two of them yelling at each other. A few minutes later he called back again and
was able to ask both of them why they needed to yell over those... old habits die-hard!

12-18-02 Dad is in the hospital for observations. Apparently he fell while in the bathroom and hit his head. Ray called
911 and dad is staying overnight so tests can be run to find the root cause of his dizzy spells. In talking to Paulette it
sounds like everything was done to make sure dad is "fine" and that steps are taken to find out why he gets these
dizzy spells.

12-20-02 Dad will be weaned from medications this weekend to see what the end result is on his heart rate and blood
pressure. At the end of the weekend we are looking to know what prognosis looks like. In calling him today, he had a
hard time remembering the details of a conversation we had on Wednesday and more than once forgot who he was
talking too. The hospital has requested a copy of his medical power of attorney documents and a copy of his living
will, just in case the inevitable happens. On an up note, he was excited to see Timmy and the Texas contingent.

12-21-02 Dad is looking to get out the hospital now, but it looks like Monday or Tuesday. He is getting rest in
between visits, which are helping to hold off the boredom of such a long hospital stay.

12-22-02 Dad is very sick. Every day is a bonus round of life, so enjoy it. Paulette and Randy will spell out the details
of conversations we've had with Dad's doctors over the past few days. Monday and Tuesday we'll make plans for in-
home support with a goal of Dad returning home on Christmas Eve. All tests results have shown what we already
know: Dad has a combination of old age, cancer and a frail heart. His fragile heart compounds the complications of
cancer treatment. There is nothing in his cancer treatment that directly impacts his heart.

12-23-02 A tough day for all. It is clear that dad doesn’t remember the important decisions from day to day. For
example, his Landmark cancer Dr. discussed his heart with him on Sunday and the recommendation for a pacemaker.
On Monday (today), Dad had no recollection of that conversation. Dad’s Cancer Doctor has said there is nothing in his
cancer treatment that impacts the heart. His recommendation is that we get a prognosis from the medical staff
regarding Dad’s heart. Dad wants to be home for Christmas. Paulette and Randy will be trying to have a conference
call with the Doctors to get a plan of treatment for the next couple of weeks.

12-24-02 Christmas Eve. Visions of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” are dancing through Dad’s head. Paulette and Randy
are working on in-home support for the coming days. Round 2 of Chemo will be delayed until we get a clear prognosis
from the heart doctors. One thinks dad is a good candidate for a pacemaker, the other does not. Dad’s wishes are to
not have excessive means taken, so Paulette and Randy are asking for clear answers from the doctors during his
discharge so that we can help dad make some informed decisions. In home support is being coordinated for Dad to
augment the great treatment he is getting from Ray, mom, Steven and Sandra.

12-27-02 Yesterday Dad had a visit with a home care nurse. His cardiologist has restricted him to home bound
activities. On Friday, his primary care physician will be discussing the next stage of Chemo treatment for the
Hodgkins-as this doesn't impact his heart- and the next steps necessary for his heart (pace maker or other options).
There are reports of great moments and not so great moments, but in Dad's own words, he said, "It's like all the
visits I'm getting adds another flower to the vase--- and right now I have a beautiful bouquet."

12-27-02 At Dad's visit to his primary care physician his heart rate was so low that he was admitted to the hospital.
12-28 Hollie's Wedding!!!!

12-29-02 Clovis was admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit in Framingham on Friday because his heart rate was critically
low. He was not able to attend the wedding and many of us visited after the reception. Upon his request, Randy,
Steven, Ronnie and Ray all danced with mom to "A Sentimental Journey." On Monday, 12-30 they will do a cardiac
CAT to determine the overall health of his heart and its capacity to respond to a pace maker.

It is unclear whether or not this will help and dad's heart works at about 15%. He has been restricted to home-bound
essential activities only: eating, sleeping and bathing. Given his prognosis, dad is ready to make decisions that will
enable him to live whatever time he has left with dignity and as comfortable as possible. He is not interested in
aggressive medical care, so if the prognosis is not good, the family has prepared itself to support dad in letting this
naturally run its course.

12-31-02 Round 2 (14 days) of Chemo delayed

12-31-02- New Year's Eve
Clovis will be in the hospital like until the end of the week. He can be reached at 508-383-9274. Please be
considerate of the time of day you call. His doctors are reporting that the results of the heart tests on Monday are
good and that dad’s health can improve.

1-2-03 Test results show that dad's heart does not have any significant blockages so he is a good candidate for the
pace maker and defibrillator. Today he had the pace maker put in and in a few weeks he will be evaluated for the
new implant. Between the blood thinners and the pace makers, dad’s overall health will improve. Ray and Paulette
seem optimistic that dad will be able to reclaim some of his normal activities. Over the next few days we will have
more clarity about how this impacts his long term prognosis. Initially dad will still have in-home health care support
from visiting nurses and the family is working on a schedule of support at home so Ray and mom do not have to do
this all alone.

1-5-03 New Year's Bonus Round!
Dad is apparently doing well with the new pace maker. His irregular heart rate has "reset" so he is pumping at a
regular pace. There is no report yet on how this improvement impacts his overall health and recovery potential, but
initially this is all good news. It is likely that Dad will be coming home on 1-6-03. He can be reached at 508-383-9274

1-7-03 Dad is home.
Steven called today to say he was able to bring dad home. Mom and Ray are working with his primary care physician
to see what dad's home medications will look like and when he starts chemotherapy again. Dad was grumpy, but
otherwise glad to be home--mainly tired from the hospital stay

Talked to Dad today and he is tired, but OK. Had a nice long visit from Uncle Normand and Yvonne. He enjoyed
looking at the wedding video and is looking forward to the pictures taken in Texas. His pace-maker has stabilized his
heart at its 15% capacity and apparently the doctors are waiting to see if he is strong enough to continue with Cancer
treatment. He has visiting nurses checking in 2 times a week, so that helps.

After fighting the battling with the can of peaches (he dropped some and got mad) today, dad is enjoying his Sunday.
He was able to go to Church today and on Friday he spoke to his doctor about going back to bowling. That will be this
week's big step! He has an appointment with his cancer doctor on Thursday to find out his next round. Talking to him
today was somewhat difficult as he was having problems hearing me and didn’t comprehend longer sentences. Susan
is in California, so she had a chance to speak to him as well. Mainly Ray reports that dad is functioning more
independently right now, so we are all cautiously optimistic.

It’s been a good week for Clovis. He apparently is responding very well to the Chemotherapy. The Drs say that his
Hodgkin’s disease is about 90% contained and that Dad will not likely have to go the 6 rounds o Chemo. He starts
the 2nd round of Chemotherapy on Thursday. He still has home care support and is apparently doing much better.
His heart doctor is please with the result from the pace-maker and doesn’t expect any complication from the
chemotherapy. For the most part, it looks initially like dad is doing much, much better. According to inside sources,
now that he is feeling better he is getting back to some of his cranky and bitchy ways—so if you live close please
remind him of the promise he made: He doesn’t want to be remembered as a grumpy old man, so he has to act like
something other than a grouch.

2-1-03 Chemotherapy can weaken the immune system, and so on Thursday dad was running a fever. Paulette and
Ray called to the doctor and gave consistent blood-pressure check ups and his doctor scheduled a next day visit.
During the appointment, the doctor decided to admit dad to the hospital as he apparently had a 102-degree fever
and some sort of infection. He is currently still in the hospital and they have stopped the second round of chemo. He
has a urinary infection, which needs to be treated prior to chemo starting again.

2-4-03 Dad is at 508-383-9114, room 2352 and under the good care of his primary care doctor. Chemo (round 2) has
been stopped because Dad has some pain during urination and some rectal bleeding. He'll take a barium enema on
Wednesday which should help the medical team get a good look up dad's back side and find out what is going on.
Blood tests do not show any infection, so it is unclear what is going on at this point.

2-5-03 Dad's home and tired. He had some rectal bleeding (nice thing to have on a web page huh?) largely due to
his hemriods. He is off Chemo for now and has a follow up on Friday and Monday to check on both the heart and
pacemaker as well as to meet with his primary care doctor. He was just glad to be home.

2-11-03 No news is good news? Dad's been home and his blood pressure is good. he has halted the 2nd round of
cancer treatment until he is strong enough and his doctor is comfortable with the risks. He has had some
grumpy/bitchy moments (old habits die hard), so if you talk to him, remind him that life is sweeter with a little bit of

2-15-03 Humpty Dumpty Dad had a fall. While coming back from an appointment, Dad fell and hit his head. Mom
took him to the hospital and he had to get stitches. He fell on Tuesday and all week he's been sore and recovering.
Be sure to call or check in and cheer him up. 508-883-6808. He has had some grumpy/bitchy moments (old habits
die hard), so if you talk to him, remind him AGAIN that life is sweeter with a little bit of sugar.

Spoke with dad yesterday and he seemed "upbeat" and recovering from his fall. His ass was a bit less sore and I
think his pride was recovering as well. Falling down helped remind him that while he KNOWS he doesn't have to be so
stubborn, it is hard to not be completely independent. In his words, "I am so used to doing things for myself; it is
hard to ask for help." Mainly he sleeps a lot and enjoys company and good conversation when it happens. So, stop
by and say HI!

2-26-03 Wednesday. Spoke with Mom, Ray and Dad today and they all seemed to be pleased with the visit to Dr.
Sidiqqui (primary care Dr.) who said dad looks good. Blood pressure was fine and they removed the stitches from his
head. Dad says is rump is still a bit sore from the fall, but he is getting around more and more. He has an
appointment with his cancer Dr. on March 4th to discuss the next round of Chemotherapy for the Hodgkins.

3-6-03 Dad had a good visit with Dr. Adner (Cancer) doctor and with his primary care doctor. Dad had some numbness
in his hand the last time they did the chemo infusion. As such this time around they are going to have dad complete
the 12 days of Chemo pills to complete the 2nd round. He'll then go for 14 days of "rest" and then get evaluated for
round 3 of the chemo. His primary care doctor, Dr. Sidiqqui is evaluating dad for cumadin levels and dad will have
some additional appointments this week as he had some pain in his chest.

3-12-03 Dad's 2nd round of Chemo cause some fevers, but that is to be expected. He sounded fine today and is
back to reading the paper. We had an interesting conversation about the war effort and he is particularly interested in
the Pope's opposition to war. So, while not out of the woods, he's back to reading through the paper and looking at
the events of the world in his normal "Clovis" view of the world way.

3-15-03 Not much change since the 11th (see bottom), and dad had his cumadin (SP?) levels checked and they are
still high. Doctors want this controlled as this impacts overall heart health. Chemo side effects are less as he gets
closer to the end of this second round. New "dad" articles have been typed up, but will not be posted to the web until
a new web host is identified, so please come back for updates.

3-31-03 Aside from sleeping a lot (elderly people do that), dad seems to be fine. Drs have not been able to get his
cumidin levels (blood thinner) to a stable level so weekly (Friday) visits will continue. This Thursday (4-3) dad will
meet with his cancer Dr again and see about round 3 of Chemo. They will also get instructions on how to download
information and reports on his pacemaker-- so dad's heart goes digital. This past week he has spent some time
outside and Paulette and Ray report that he is feeling better-- just mainly tired. Keep the letters and calls coming.

Sorry for the delayed updates. Been busy moving boxes into the new home. No major news from Blackstone, except
that Dad's been up more lately and doing good on the 3rd round of Chemo. Seems to have less impact on him and
no infections this time. An appraiser came out to look at the house, so that is moving right along. More details after
the trip to Texas.

4-20-03 Clovis & Lillian weather report: Mom says she's "fine", just looking forward to the sale of the house to
Steven. An appraiser has come out to look it over and they are in the process of getting paperwork settled. Dad is
improving: well his bowling still needs help. He did actually go last week and bowled two games-- and hit two
consecutive strikes in a game. He was pretty jazzed about going bowling again.

4-28-03 Round 3 of Chemo went fine. Dad didn't have the same fatigue he had the last time. He is, however, still
suffering from boredom and some occasional shortness of breath, dizziness (especially on "up hills" and has a sore
back of his neck. He was outside using the leaf blower when I called and he sounded anxious for the good weather
and getting the pool ready. With spring in the air, Dad is looking to spend some quality time outside.

5-11-03: Dad was sleeping a good part of the day and mom reported that he had some "bad" results on a blood test.
He is going for a CT scan this week to check on the progress of his Chemo and his cancer. He starts another round of
treatment this week and his looking for a resolution to this neck pain he has been experiencing.

5-19-03 A rough week last week and this week for Dad. After some blood test and a CT scan, his doctor’s have
concluded that he is not responding to the chemo treatment. The cancer Dr. looked into trial treatments and there
are none that dad qualifies for. He is currently looking at whether or not letting this run it's natural course or a
treatment for symptoms is the best options. Worst case scenario is a 6 month prognosis and the best case is a year.
Paulette is looking into (and discussing with Dad) his best options for treatment. Mom was obviously upset and
certainly can use your support, love and prayers. Dad has been increasingly uncomfortable and home-medical care
will begin again soon. More details to follow. Call them directly for more at 508-883-6808.

5-30-03 The oncologist, Dr. Adner reviewed treatment options with Dad on Tuesday. He has been given 6-months at
best without treatment. There is an experimental treatment that gives him a 50/50 chance of some reasonable
recovery, and dad had opted for this. He spends a lot of time sleeping and is on pain medication. Paulette and Ray
are reviewing the insurance options and the long term prognosis. Dad has some decision to make about the quality
of his life for the time he has left. Mom says she's had great years with dad, and "when the good Lord want him, he
will come and get him." Please keep him and the family in your prayers.
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Medical Chronology For Clovis Marcotte
January - June 2003
Have a great day, everyday!