Welcome Visitors!
These are the historical notes on the death and dying
of our beloved Mother.
2-2-05 through 2-6-05
* Mom's staff is great.  She is comfortable and never have we seen better care.
* She floats in and out of awareness, in BRIEF moments- 5-10 seconds at a time
* She has acknowledged us around her, less so recently by puckering, squeezing, crying and yes, sticking      
   out her tongue.
* We are watching her closely for fever, infection and signs of growing awareness

Other things:
We've prayed the rosary with her and will do so again today at 1:30 is, with Mass.
The Hospital staff has said wonderful things about how we've expressed mom's wishes.
We've all talked about consequences of this stroke and surgery and are prepared to act according to her       

* Mom will never live without assistance again
* She had a "dense stroke" impacting the left side.
* We have to pray and be patient- It will not be clear how much recovery we'll get for 4-6 weeks.
* We should have seen more progress by now, but we remain hopeful.
* There will be a CT scan on Wednesday to see if there is any improvement.
* The "bleed" has to subside, but her primary care physician does not expect huge results

Frankly, this may be it, but one thing is sure.  God's in charge.  Mom has faith that keep her here or send her
home to daddy, God and of those we love and miss.

Don't expect too many web updates. Call if you want details.  Steven and Sandra can be called for basic
information as well at 508-883-1423.
Medical Updates for Lillian E. Marcotte
Memere, Lil, Mom, Mommy to me and you
Have a great day, everyday!

For any of the first time visitors, here are the basics:
* Mom had a stroke around Thanksgiving, 2004- was recovering through the Holidays.
* She needed to have surgery to fix some blockages and to have a by-pass.
* The Bypass and surgery went well, but she had a subsequent stroke-

2-1-05:  While recovering from the surgery in a care facility, Mom was brought back to intensive care.
2-1-05:  The Doctors recommended a surgery to release some pressure due to the stroke.
The risks of the surgery were less than the potential benefits of the surgery.
--- Forgive my spelling errors- but here is what she had
Craniotonomy for an evacuation of an intercranial hematoma.
She also had some bleeding in the frontal / temporal area.
What's up here:
She has a feeding tube (temporary) in her
nose to see if she gets stronger.  We have
to get through the acute period (a week
after surgery) and keep her strong
enough to see if there is going to be any
progress.  The marks on her neck are
from the artery surgery.