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Shortly before his untimely death, Joshua created this
picture for him mom.  Susan explained that Josh said,
"Mom, she's sad because she's lost something."
Joshua Perez
In Loving Memory
Joshua Aaron Perez - Philippians 4:13
                  Born: January 26, 1994
                Died: November 30, 2002

A Special Kid, A happy Boy:

Below are some quote and reflections from Joshua's classmates as
collected by his teachers and friends at South Knoll Elementary.

From the letters

  We miss you Josh but we know you are watching us- chubby
(Susie Barr)

  Josh is seeing us from heaven but we really miss him. (Alexander

  "My Friend Joshua" I like the way he played soccer.  I also like
the way he made me laugh.  He was a really really great kid.  He
was a good friend.  I am sorry for what happened to Joshua.  I wish
this wouldn't of happened.  Love, David Leal.
Philippians 4:13
"I can do everything through him who gives me
strength."  -Josh's life verse.