Holiday 2007
Holiday 2007

5 - January, 2008

A San-Francisco based write,
Rob Brezsny writes for Vancouver's Westender - a little
community news paper that focuses on the neighborhood we have our place in.  The horoscope
column he writes gets posted a the local community coffee shop we go to and the other morning
while waiting for my Americano (pronounced in Canada with a tall A- "AmeriCANo"), I saw
looked first at mine, then at Chris'.  Both speak pretty accurately to the place we find ourselves.

For me, the Gemini (May 23rd):
Would you like to own a 60-inch flat-screen HDTV plasma television with surround-sound
speakers? How about a $6,000 Daniel Hanson bathrobe made of silk-trimmed pashmina, a
diamond-encrusted Cartier Luxury watch, and a heated toilet seat? All of these wonders and
more could be within your grasp in 2008. In my astrological opinion, however, going after them
would be a waste of your substantial acquisitive potential, which would be better used in pursuit
of less decadent valuables. Such as? Such as tools and training that will help you upgrade your
skills and refine the unique gifts you have to give the world.

For Chris, the Leo (July 25):
Picture a full-grown lion with a thin, two-footlong string tied around one of its back legs. The
other end of the string is tethered to a short wooden stake lodged in the dirt. The lion seems to
think it's held captive, and never tries to escape. It's restless and frustrated, periodically emitting a
doleful sound that's both a pained growl and a mournful whine. I want you to think of this scene at
least once a month in 2008, Leo. Each time, ask yourself, "Am I the lion that Rob Brezsny
described?" Make sure you always know that you can snap the string with ease and bound away
to freedom.

2008 seems then to be the year of potential.  The question we seem to face then is will we have
the courage to go out and get it (or realize it is already here!).

2007 has been a year of great work, play and a passion for life.  I found myself saying to Chris
over and over again, "I am so happy!"  Generally it was completely out of the blue in a form of
pleasant Terrets.  That is not to say we did not have challenges.  I had a pretty sharp period of
depression.  It was the annoying unexplainable type:  I found myself dreading doom, uninspired
by work, inexplicably avoiding the very things that make me happy.  A couple of month later after
having told Chris and some very close friends about it, it was gone.  I think just the very process
of opening up that darker place and not carrying it alone made it easier to deal with.  So yes, the
energizer bunny is human!  Well, at least this one is.

Chris is slightly buried in a work project that has a lot of promise, but is tragically behind
schedule. The whole thing seems to leave him questioning his contributions and the viability of his
work.  I struggle supporting him to stay in a job that is not (currently) fulfilling, when I know he
can be so much happier when his work matches his passion for excellence.  Beyond that, he is
incredible.  He's happy about dropping some more weight, has grown his hair out a bit and turned
40 this year.  I'm stoked as (truth be told)- I've always liked men in their 40s.  It's been worth the
wait!  He's just now down right stunning.  See for
yourself by clicking.

I really have no complaints, and there are some great highlights.

Family - we had an amazing week on the East Coast with Chris' family in the Outer Banks of
North Carolina.  It was such good family time and we will do some family trips for weddings in
08 so that will be a blast.

Travel, Travel, Travel!!
- NY in December for our annual shopping pilgrimage.  So long as we have free hotels and free
flights, we'll do that each year.

- Hawaii in November.  Back to Hawi and our dear friend Giovanna's.  Chris and I looked at
businesses there and dream of selling everything and living there.  Seriously.  It is a calling for me
and a place we both have fallen in love with.  If you know an angel investor, I have a great
business venture.

- Alaska in September.  I did another Cruise with our friend Jim.  08 will be New Zealand
(yeah!) but seeing a glacier and the pristine waters of Alaska was a not to be missed, once in a
lifetime experience.

Work - I'm a contract employee Xtelesis now and loving it.  We have a great Marketing VP and
sales is a self-running machine, so I'm working on Xtelesis Vancouver options all while Chris and
I have some home design clients.  Under the brand ChangeExperts (send us your nickels and
dimes...) we are helping people evaluate and change their home design.  It is side work we find
both challenging and energizing.  Mostly we are enjoying the collaborate and creative process
while working together on something that is OURS.  So, after a couple of years of talking about
doing it.. We now actually ARE doing it.

So then 2008 holds virtually limitless possibilities.  Between the process of bounding towards
freedom and refining our unique gifts, Chris and I will try and grow our business, live in
Vancouver for a few months (while our CA building has a major construction defect fixed), hold
down our day jobs, and continue to explore ways to embrace life and one another.

I hope 20008 provides limitless joy.  If not then perhaps the ability to be open to the possibilities
of life and an appreciate of the gifts we are all given.  Our favorite is the gift of good friends.  Add
a nice wine to that and a perfect evening can be had by all.  Oh yes, and the cats.  Then it is
perfect.  So, give us a call.  Josephine and Ella are waiting to cuddle and we would love to share
dinner and a fine wine.  

Happy Holidays and New Year.

Note: We'll relocate (cats and all) to Vancouver in February through May (ish) so our number
there is 604-602-9212 at #308 - 1435 Nelson Street, Vancouver BC, V6G 2Z3.  Please come