Holidaze 2001-03
                                      The Overall Update...

So over the past 3 years I have had great intentions to send out another Holiday letter.  Yet it
never happens.  Drafts are created, lists of recipients made, highlights chosen, but still no update.

This is mainly because the forum of "updates" and Holiday letters have become, frankly,
challenging.  Most people know what I am up to and typically when I receive a card or note
around the holidays, I respond.  With that said, I have every hope to send out an 04 update.

To list the evens of the past few years does little to articulate the significance of these moments or
the learnings gleaned from them.  But if for nothing other than a peaceful moment of navel gazing,
here are the "things" that have been in my life since the 99-2000 "mass mailing"

* A completely healthy switch from non-profit to for-profit (technology) work.  
* Purchasing a home, having a wedding / commitment ceremony with Chris.
* The events of Texas and family, see www.clovismarcotte.com or www.papawjoshjennifer.com
* Busting up my knee, gaining weight, recovering, loosing weight, doing a 1/2 Ironman
* Delivering the eulogy at my dad's funeral, morning his loss
* Coming to realize that life with Chris makes me a better person
Learning that I don't need other peoples' approval in order to be happy
* Having our families come to know us as a couple
* Teaching at Stanford, USF and now Cal State Hayward

This list is completely inadequate. Highlights are touchstones, the details I can provide are the
window to my soul.  So if you are interested, call me.

I'm committed to these annual updates only because part of my larger personal desire not only to
be a person who struggles for focus and accomplishment, but also as someone who has a long
standing desire to be part of something (this wonderful human experience) that is much, much
bigger than me.  I am looking for my place in this mosaic of life, and these letters are one way to
mark my personal progressions.

So while I have had many, many challenges, and more and more blessings, what I am currently
focused on is taking some time to embrace the journey.  More in my 2004 letters, but for now,
warm wishes to you and yours.