Mom's Journey Home

21 February 2005
The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End

Lillian should be home on Monday February 14th with Visiting Nursing Associates and
her children and many of her grandchildren by her side.  We all know that her pending
death is an occasion to celebrate her life and help her with this ultimate transition.

The Doctors have recommended "comfort care."  Certainly no surprise to all of us, but a
somber reality.  It is expected that given mom's frail condition, she is not likely to have
many more moments of recognition and that she may not come out of this "coma like"
state she is in.  Once at home and receiving comfort care, it will be unlikely that she
survives more than a couple of days and certainly not more than a couple of weeks.

This has been an occasion of sorrow, grace and prayer for us as a family.  

Please fee free to send your prayers and they will be posted here.  Prayers e-mailed to please, or call me at 510-816-4541.

Prayers For Lillian

From Susan Perez 2-12-05
God, I thank you for the life of my grandmother Lillian.  I thank you for all she has taught me: the importance
of family and loving them unconditionally. She modeled that with every one of her children and grandchildren.  
She reminds me daily of the importance of a quiet heart. I thank you for all the Lillianisms I will carry in my
heart.  The funny way she has of sticking out her tongue to say I love you.  Her ability to go into a restaurant
and distinguish between what belongs to the restaurant and what she deserves to take home depending on the
amount of money she has spent on a meal, drink, etc..  I thank you for the times she has quietly mourned with
me and for her ability to not say word with her mouth but for her eyes to say it all.  I thank you for her legacy
she will leave with us when you call her home and for the assurance that I will one day see her again in
paradise!  I pray that her illness be painless and merciful.

I love you mem,