Home Hospice for Mom- Her journey toward Christ.

20 February 2005
Embracing The Final Journey

Mom has spent the last six days at home with her grandchildren and kids in the comfort
of her own space.  

Her will states, "If the situation should arise in which I am in a terminal state and there is
no reasonable expectations of my recovery, I direct that I be allowed to die a natural
death and that my life is not prolonged by extraordinary measures.  I do not wish to be
kept alive by devices.  I do however, ask that medication be mercifully administered to
me to alleviate suffering even though this may shorten my remaining life.  I have
confidence in my family and the medical community to come up with the right answers."

Mom's strokes caused a loss of function on her left side with no chance of recovery.  
Her body became unable to process fluids or nutrients.  While in the hospital she was
retaining fluids so much that she was in pain.  Together family and her doctors decided
the only merciful thing to do was to have her die peacefully.

Since coming home on Monday, mom has been calm, resting and occasionally aware
enough to squeeze our hand, hold her rosary beads, and when she was there, pucker for
a kiss.  

Today her vitals have slowed, blood pressure dropped and she has been unresponsive
since her 8 AM bath and medications.  The family asks for prayers for a peaceful and
painless death.

Please fee free to send your prayers and they will be posted here.  Prayers e-mailed to
randymarcotte@yahoo.com please, or call me at 510-816-4541.

Thanks from the Family

The Office and Staff of Dr. Mohammad M. Siddiqui
Mrs. Kay Stone, our Neighbor for the fine refreshments
The hospital staff of MetroWest Medical Center, Framingham MA.  Especially ICU and Nancy.
The extended family, especially Emma Champaigne for her constant vigil by her sister's side.
Ms. Susan Perez, nurse, grand-daughter, friend and niece.
Maggie and Arline made a
necklace for Lillian.  When
Maggie went to put in on her,
she said, "Memere, let's put this
on your arm and when you get to
heaven, you can ask Pepere to
put this on you."